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Work Experience

This page will contain some work I've done over the years that did not require an NDA, this page will span with work titles such as animator, layout artist, and storyboard artist

Technicolor Creative Studios


I was brought on as an animation intern to be trained to animate in the realistic style that companies like MPC come to expect. I was assigned a team and trainer, who had decades of experience in the industry, for the Montreal department. Each day we would have dailies to improve our animations and would have one on ones with our trainer to focus on polish. We also had opportunities to talk to teammates and collaborate in settings similar to that at MPC.

Green Gas USA


I was contracted to storyboard and animate informative videos that describe how this company is able to turn CO2 into clean energy.

21 Martyrs

layout, test animation

I was contracted as a layout artist for this 2d animated film, which tells the story of 21 martyrs that were kidnapped by Isis. I worked along and had dailies with art director Tod Polson.

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